Advanced Cold Laser Therapy

Advanced Cold Laser Therapy

By: Dr. Bill Blitstein, BS, DC, FASA, CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician)

Class 4 cold laser therapy has been utilized in our office since 2008 at Advanced Health & Pain Relief Center. It is an advanced form of therapy that provides help with musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions. Sciatica, pain from disc bulge/herniation, spinal stenosis, and other disorders such as Plantar fascitis, knee pain, muscle strain or ligament sprain repair, can all be treated utilizing cold laser.


Laser therapy is noninvasive and non-thermal, which means no pain or discomfort to the patient. The laser mechanism of action for pain relief is by producing an anti-inflammatory effect by activating the immune system on a cellular basis, by stimulating the excitation and increase of ATP (energy) within the cells. Arthritic degeneration in joints such as the knees, can lead to improper biomechanics and function, so by decreasing pain and inflammation with laser treatments, and providing restorative joint function with skilled Chiropractic treatments, an outcome of improved joint structure and function naturally is an expected outcome.


Laser light is specific, safe, and all natural. The proper dose of laser light stimulates certain light-sensitive proteins within cells, which convert light energy into chemical energy. This has to be done with the proper wavelength and purity of frequency. This will inhibit inflammatory activity in the joint tissues. Why use medications, NSAIDS and corticosteroid injections to control inflammation, when they can present a risk of potential side-effects or only mask symptoms?


Combining Chiropractic care along with Laser therapy is a powerful and effective approach in eliminating pain, restoring function, adding to an improved quality of life, and creating wellness.


About the author: Dr. Bill Blitstein is a co-owner of Advanced Health & Pain Relief Center, PA in Charlotte, NC (along with his wife Dr. Michele Blitstein). Dr. Bill is licensed in both SC & NC, and has been a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician since 2003. He is currently preparing for his certification in Functional Medicine.