Chiropractic Care

Techniques utilized are Specific Diversified, Thompson drop Technique, Precision Instrument Correction with Arthrostim,  Impulse, or Activator Methods, SOT blocking, Pressure-point/NIMMO myofascial release and trigger-point release, & Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.


Chiropractic Physicians are trained to practice and perform precise spinal and extremity joint corrective adjustments (manipulation), physiotherapy modalities, stretches and rehabilitative exercises/conditioning, give nutritional or provide natural supplementation, perform x-rays, and order advanced diagnostic imaging or clinical blood/lab work.   Your doctor has passed 4 National Board certifications and/or State Board testing.

Your doctor of Chiropractic, guided by a thorough case history and examination will evaluate your individual needs and determine a course of treatment, partnering with you to reach the same goal, a life free from pain.  Chiropractic care is safe, and most-importantly effective, offering a conservative and natural approach to better health.  Millions of people have benefited from Chiropractic, using principles that originated here in America, since 1895 with its founder DD Palmer and his son BJ Palmer, the Developer of Chiropractic.


How does an adjustment work?


Imagine a nerve or a muscle that is irritated or inflamed due to stress in the body, disc degeneration or bulge causing effacement of the nerve and spine directly impacting the Central Nervous System.  Compare it to a garden hose and water flowing through it freely, then with compression disrupting and altering the smooth even flow of water.  Spinal adjustments may ease the pressure and irritation/inflammation, allowing nerve impulses/transmission to functional normally.  With some techniques a pop or clicking sound is heard during the adjustment, called cavitation, which is due to the rapid but safe change in pressure acting on the fluids (synovium) and gas (Nitrogen) within the joint.  Your CNS (nervous system) controls and regulates EVERY function of your body.  When it doesn’t work right, you won’t work right!  Doctors of Chiropractic are Board Certified in Spinal and joint manipulation/adjustments, and we will essentially promote the healing process by minimizing interference.

Lower Back Pain

Relief through Chiropractic care is extremely effective.  Most people have more than one episode, sometimes continuous episodes.  Chiropractic care is one of the safest, drug-free initial forms of treatment, and should be pursued before surgical intervention is considered.  Chiropractic adjustments are precise to the problem, addressing the cause by applying a spinal correction, relaxing muscle tone/spasm, removing inflammation, and positioning spinal joints (vertebrae) that may be out of position or not functioning.  Core muscle training exercises and flexibility stretching will always be a part of your treatment at Advanced Health & Pain Relief Center, PA.

Neck Pain Stiffness or Headaches

Injuries, poor posture, poor Ergonomics, can cause cervical vertebrae to move out of their correct position, which affects the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, & muscles).  The body will respond with muscle contraction, leading to aches, pain, limited mobility and stiffness.  Disc injury, arthritis, or normal age deterioration can also change the normal healthy curve of the neck.  Car accidents produce a sudden acceleration/deceleration injury to the neck which can lead to neck pain, headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and overall irritability of mood.


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