Class 4 Cold Laser:  Coverage of tissue and bone with specific wavelengths and frequency to reduce  pain and stimulate class 4 cold laserhealing.  The goal of laser therapy is to deliver light energy units (photons) to damaged cells, stimulating the Mitochondria to accelerate production of ATP.  The biochemical increase in cell energy can help to create a stable, healthy state.   Faster wound healing, anti-inflammatory response, increased vascular activity, stimulation of nerve function, and reduction of fibrous scar tissue are all benefits of therapeutic laser treatments.   Cold laser offers a quick and pain-less non-intrusive option without complication of long-term drug treatments.  Class 4 cold lasers are FDA cleared.  A wide use for treatment of:


Acute and chronic pain                                                  Muscle strain or Ligament sprain

Soft-tissues injury                                                           Spinal stenosis and spinal disc inflammation

Tendonitis/Bursitis                                                          Arthritis

Fibromyalgia                                                                      Back pain