It all starts with your 1st phone call.  You will be warmly greeted by our caring and attentive staff.  They will take down your information and note all health areas that are of concern for you.  We will even make the Insurance process easy for you, by verifying your health benefits before your 1st visit, and we will gladly call you prior to discuss your expected costs and Insurance benefits.

When you come in to our spacious office, you will be warmly greeted, and soothed with relaxing music & soft sounds of our waterfall, and then provided either paperwork or a computer Kiosk for your health history to complete.  Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time for this process.   One of our therapy assistants will lead you to the exam/treatment room, and take your vital signs.  After the Doctor has reviewed your records, a Consultation will begin promptly.   We will sit down and discuss any personal problems and health concerns.

Next we will perform a thorough examination consisting of Orthopedic & Neurologic testing, along with Range of Motion studies.  X-rays or other advanced diagnostic imaging is only performed at the discretion of your Doctor, if needed.  We do not take x-rays on our patients unless it is necessary.

We begin Chiropractic treatment that same day.  Why come back to begin treatment, when you are here to get out of pain and live your life again, without these problems.  ‘Our focus is on you.  Together we will begin the process of restoring your health and providing effective pain-relief, which is paramount at the Advanced Health & Pain Relief Center, PA.


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