All of the Doctors are true healers. They have kept me healthy for over 15 years. I cannot say enough about the good they do on every level. My wife and I both trust and believe in their work since we have been with them for so long and have seen for our selves the results of good health care through them. I do not believe there are better Doctors anywhere in NC.



Bill J.

I’ve been to Dr. Bill…. he’s awesome and so is his general surgeon brother Bryan Blitstein……in case you ever need surgery. ….Whole family of great docs

Maria S.

I have been visiting Drs. Bill and Michele Blitstein for over ten years. They recently helped me recover from a severe low back injury incurred on a roller coaster (“The Fury” at Carowinds). A doctor at the emergency room was able to diagnose, using a CT scan, that I had a bulged disc between T4 and T5, but just sent me home with pain killer and steroid pills. However, the following adjustments, acupuncture, and treatment advice from Drs. Bill and Michele were just what I needed. Not only did they treat my injury, but they helped me improve my posture and spine health to prevent re-injury. I went from barely being able to walk/crawl to walking and standing straight in just a couple of days! Thank you!!

Greg M.

Our family has been going here on and off for 13 years. So caring and willing to get you seen asap. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Kimberly M.

Amazing place. Dr. Chad listens and takes it all in. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Finding a good chiropractor is hard to do. Glad I found one.

Diane K.

Everyone at Advanced Health is so caring and kind. Dr. Bill is amazing. The acupuncture treatments are very effective and safer than all the oral medications I was on and it has no side effects. Dr. Bill and Advanced Health has improved my quality of life and I am very appreciative. I highly recommend their services and would not consider going elsewhere.

Sue H.

Loved Dr Bill!!! He took the time & explained my injury, why it happened & the treatment process…also love the nice, soothing music that was played & the office staff were professional. Definitely glad my friend referred me to Dr Bill. I will be back to running soon!

Tasha O.

I have had treatments from Drs. Bill and Michelle since 1997. They have always been professional and friendly and truly care about their patients. I have had successful treatments for carpal tunnel, allergies (acupuncture), and for my severe scoliosis with wonderful results. Unlike other chiropractors in the area, they let ME decide when I need treatment. They are tremendous health professionals!

Diane M.S.

Absolutely love the care and treatment they have provided my daughter. She was in a car accident and every visit she is gently treated with care. Not to mention I fractured my heel and Dr. Bill graciously allows me to relax in the massage chair and provides me with helpful tips. Looking forward to seeing Dr. Chad again as soon as this boot is removed. Thanks to the staff you all are so wonderful!!

Andrienne M.

Dr Drilling is awesome! I’ve tried my my share of doctors in the past, but Dr Drilling without a doubt is the best! I would highly recommend him to everyone!

David N.

I wish there were more than 5 stars to give! Dr, Bill is AH-MAZING! He is so knowledgeable in traditional back and neck issues, but his knowledge extends well beyond. On two separate occasions, I have mentioned issues that I didn’t think chiropractors dealt with, but he knew exactly what to do and magically fixed me. Not only is he the best chiropractor I’ve had, he (and the office stuff) are a fun group of people. The staff always work to get last minute appointments, and I’ve never had to wait beyond my appointment time to be seen. It is not everyday that you find an exceptional doctor with friendly staff that just make things happen!

Sarah P.

The very Best Chiropractors EVER!!!!
This is where you find relief!

Mara Beth P.

All of my family has been seeing Bill and Michele off and on (as needed) for 10+ years. Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments with Michele helped me avoid lower back surgery!

Christine D.

My husband and I both see Drs. Bill & Michele. They are both wonderful!! I now know before seeing a traditional doctor to check with Dr. M first because it seems as if there isn’t much she cannot help with. The entire staff and team are the best!!

Margaret G. L.

Dr. Bill is very professional and knowledgeable.

Victoria P.

My husband and I both think very highly of Dr. Bill Blitstein and are happy to recommend him. Even if you’ve tried other chiropractors, if you are having neck or back pain, you should go to Dr. Bill. After going to him for many years, we recently moved out of State and can honestly say that one of the few things we can’t find in our new community is a doctor of caliber of Dr. Bill.


I have been receiving care from Dr. Bill for 12+ years. His chiropractic and acupuncture treatments have helped keep me on my feet and moving- through severe knee damage, lower back & neck issues as well as carpal tunnel pan. Regular treatment also addresses my sinus and allergy problems. I recommend Advanced Health and Pain Relief Center to my family and friends who are seeking medical professionals that are caring & innovative.

Amie G.

My experience with Dr. Bill at Advanced Health & Pain Relief Center has been fantastic. In just 6 weeks, I have gone from being in constant pain for over a year and being told that was my new normal to being pain free. Dr. Bill is compassionate, patient and professional. I could not be happier. He has changed my quality of life in such a positive way.

Joetta C.

About 12 years ago I started going to Dr. Michele for chiropractic adjustment. When having neck problems I asked my Orthopedic surgeon about acupuncture and he said no. Well I was desperate for pain relief so I talked to Dr, Michele about acupuncture and after a couple of appointments what a relief. So for 12 years I have both done ever month to keep me in check. Recently I had another problem and was given acupuncture for a different area. Again I had relief but this time from a persistent cough. I had a physical from my Primary care Dr. and I told her about the persistent cough and how acupuncture helped relieve it and the look on her face was one of surprise even though she believes in acupuncture. So I would highly recommend Advanced Health & Relief Center. Marian Alaimo

Marian A.

Dr Bill helped me with my migraines. I only wish I had gone to him sooner.

Donna G.

Dr. William M. Blitstein is a well mannered life saver! I first went to see him 10 years ago. After just the first visit I felt an immediate improvement! I left his care feeling like a new person after just a couple more visits and continued to use his prescribed exercises when necessary over the years! Recently, after experiencing sharp back pains, I felt the need to go back and visit with Dr. William M. Blitstein. Once again after the very first visit I felt much, much better! He took the time to explain to me and educated me on the cause of my symptoms. Once again, I am pain free! Thank you Dr. Blitstein!

Julian C. S.

Dr Bill is so Friendly, half of the problem is resolved by just talking to him and following his suggestion. I had real bad back pain, I have recovered to a great extent. I later realized that my colleagues also go there and they talk highly about Dr. Bill.


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